About Page for Affiliate Beginnings

Hello, and welcome to Affiliate Beginnings. I am glad to have you here today!

Owner of Affiliate BeginningsAffiliate Beginnings is a business dedicated to serving the affiliate community. This website was started and is maintained by Travis Hunnicutt (that’s me). I also own affiliatebeliever.com and kingjamesbiblesonline.com. I started working  online because I wanted the freedom to spend time with my family.

I created Affiliate Beginnings with the intention to provide Affiliate Marketers with the tools and resources needed to start and grow a thriving affiliate business. I do that by making these resources and tools available through reviews and other means.

The reviews you can expect to see on this site are of affiliate programs, WordPress Themes, and SEO (search engine optimization) tools and resources. I basically write about things I think affiliate marketers need and use every day. I also love WordPress, so I even add some training and tutorials in as a bonus 😉

My Expertise

This is a site that specializes in catering to those just starting out in affiliate marketing and are yet to make any commissions.The majority of resources and services I offer may be used for free or on a trial basis with a premium service. Why? Because I know how hard it may be to start any new business endeavor, especially online.

Most people do not even think of starting a business online let alone actually take the steps to pursue it, but I’m glad to see that is not the case for you, because if it was, you would not be here today!

It seems that you are ready to take control of your life and venture into the world of affiliate marketing. If so, you have definitely come to the right place!

The Main Goal:

My main goal as the founder of AffiliateBeginnings.com is to help ordinary people earn commissions as affiliates, and have a little fun along the way 😉

I believe that all people should enjoy the profession or vocation that takes up so much of our time. I also believe that all people should be free to live life on their own terms; not tied down by a job that takes one away from what really matters in life, like spending time with family, taking care of one’s personal responsibilities, and living life.

For more information about this site please visit the Starter’s Guide page.

If you are interested in knowing the framework behind Affiliate Beginnings then see my Affiliate Resources page.